What do we do?

We offer solutions related to computer equipment and telecommunications. Technology companies rely on our Outsourcing Services not only for our competitive costs, but also for the high degree of knowledge of the region and vast experience in customer service.

Our experience in the market; A team formed by specialists from each area of information technology and a high sense of service, positions us as an IT service companies in the country.

Discussion of idea or problem
Creative concept or solutions
let's do it
Happy Clients


Technology is our passion, interaction with customers and the development and deployment of new solutions to their problems

unlimited features

We do everything possible and impossible for your projects to be carried out


We generate creative solutions to help organizations in different industries transform.

IT Infrastructure

It wants to optimize growth by balancing its systems priorities in order to drive innovation and overcome the challenges


We design solutions to your problems, where we include the best tools, brains and solutions

Automatic systems

We create environments controlled by the simultaneous use of electricity, electronics and system for companies and homes

Systems optimization

The hills Someday the mountain might get sem but the law never will. Flying away on a wing and a prayer.

Team & Skills

Communication, Networks90%
Technical Advisory75%
Technical assistance80%

timeline lookback

Below is a timeline marking some key dates during Equipment Services USA Corp

Web Project for the 2seq market
Looking at a conceptual page, to the new technological trends, at the same time, striking designs, illustrative technical way and information instantly. Creating a project, information and consulting, taking into account the public and their needs
Define Deliverables
We identify the products and services that we want to produce to meet the objectives, follow the projects, explain the plan and the expectations, the approvals, and ensure that they know exactly what they expect from it.
The design of a page
It is directly related to the distribution of the information and the functionalities of the same. That is why this point always comes after conceptualization, and do not start designing until everything is well reviewed and clarified. Think of the "call to actions", the menus, their typographies, their size, the elements they should highlight, images .... Everything is related and must be perfectly defined in the conceptualization.
Pre-testing, validation of elements
Testing of our web project with users, Card-sorting or technique of categorization of contents and testing of wireframes to define, and finish testing and construction.

The Clients

They display very high levels of charm and future commitment. ``Ambassadors of good will``, for our products and services