Technical maintenance service

Your goal as a company is not just to have the best customer service, but to be legendary.


 System maintenance is critical to keep systems running smoothly and prevent unplanned outages. Equipment Services USA Corp manages the maintenance in the following ways: backup or backup, updates, sector review, antivirus revision, dust removal, replacement of grease from the extractors and others


License agreements vary considerably from each customer agreement, we operate in replacement cycles of desktop, home, office and data center hardware


DSSs are highly skilled computer professionals whose mission, along with the rest of Equipment Services USA Corp’s staff, is to deliver timely, reliable and expert service to computer users.

Computer Replacement

We are a company that can help you determine the reasonable point around which your total cost of ownership, performance obsolescence, warranty expiration, parts availability, market technical support, budget criteria, and Reliability converge to favor the replacement of equipment or computer equipment


 Equipment Services USA Corp offers anti-virus to its customers and members for home and business use, as well as anti-virus provided on computers. Has a contract with ESET for its anti-virus solution called NOD32. And Norton Anti-Virus is available for PC and Mac. If you need help with your computer, contact a desktop support specialist to obtain the client version.

Always give the customer more than he expects

``Your customers do not expect you to be perfect. What they do hope for is that they solve a problem when something goes wrong. ``Donald Porter.


Your problems – even the smallest ones – will be taken care of quickly and efficiently, including the resolution of any problem that arises expeditiously. Since everything is included in a price, we are highly motivated to use our time wisely and move forward on all issues to complete successfully.

We monitor an organization’s network and notify us before critical issues arise. We improve the security of your organization’s systems by providing updates, patches, firewall management and anti-virus protection. And we make sure that organizations have home and corporate data protection, disaster recovery for their data.

2sEQ Impactan Managed Services is a complete IT Support Solution that includes proactive maintenance of desktops, laptops and servers, a live help desk, virus repair, hardware, networking and servers


We have the best computer support specialists providing help and advice to individuals and organizations using software or computer equipment. There are also a team of computer support specialists who support information technology (IT) employees within your organization. And finally so-called computer user support specialists, they help non-IT users have computer problems.

Most of our computer support specialists have full-time working hours. Because IT support is important to businesses and users, many technical support specialists must be available 24 hours a day. As a result, many support specialists ensure that your system works and any queries can be queried.

Specialist in networks and communication

We support and support the LAN, WAN, WIFI and other networks, we maintain and install structured cabling Level 5, 6, 8, fiber optic, coax, we support local and wide area networks, Computer communications systems including router and switch configurations, hardware and software infrastructure design and management, voice and video over IP, private telephone systems (PBX), and video production.

We implement security protections for wireless networks. We identify and counteract attacks on workstations, servers and other devices on the network. We identify vulnerabilities, use several tools accepted by the security industry, and install and configure firewalls and virtual private networks.


Reading makes a full man; The conversation makes it agile, writing makes it precise.
Technology is not in itself the end but the medium between the knowledge society and world development.


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